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What is your experience shooting boudoir?

I started photographing weddings and had numerous brides ask to photograph them in an intimate setting. I loved every second of these sessions. I am in my element making women feel beautiful and confident. It is probably the most rewarding showing my clients their photos and them seeing themselves in such a beautifully different way. Check out my testimonials for past clients experiences.

Why should I choose you over other boudoir photographers?

I realize that a boudoir session is an investment. Sometimes people see the price and go with another photographer only to come back and say they should have booked with me.I want you to feel comfortable with me and trust me because we are in such an intimate setting. It is so important to invest in yourself, this is just the pay off. I guarantee that the experience you will have and the end product will leaving you speechless.

What is your experience with posing and directing?

I have been photographing women for over a decade. I have the knowledge and experience to truly put a client in the best possible pose to accent the look.

How long does the session last?

I like to have sessions last from one hour to two hours. That way we can provide a lot of variety when you do the final gallery viewing.

Do you photoshop the images after?

All images are edited after, but no body-modification is made. There are times where blemishes are taken out or highlights are brought out. I like to pose my clients in the best possible way that makes them look and feel amazing when they see the photos.

How would you define your style?

My style is reverent and bold, but also light and airy. I like to start off the session with something you are most comfortable in. I like to offer variety in a session so that when we create the album it is the direction and vision you want.

How will you make me look my best?

No person is the same and we all look different. I have years of experience working with women of all ages and sizes. I try the pose out first to make sure I am comfortable in it and then we switch to you. I make sure everything is perfect first before I even start photographing you.

Can I bring a friend?

Friends are always welcome. Sometimes they make you feel more comfortable and sometimes they can be a little stressful with suggestions or ideas. In the end the answer is always what makes you feel comfortable.

How do you choose your makeup artists?

I choose my makeup artists based on their experience and portfolio. For some I have personally used them for a session of my own.

Will you do black and white as well as color?

Some images will be in black and white but all photos will be in color.

Do you shoot everyone the same way?

I don't. I say this because we all are different. There may be posses that are the same, but feel that everyone posses differently.

What happens to my images after the session?

Your privacy is my top priority. The gallery is password protected and can be deleted after you receive your images. However, I do have some clients that give me full use of their images to use for marketing.

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