My name is Amy Lynn and I am the photographer and creator of Betty Blue Boudoir. I possess the unique ability to flawlessly use the female body, natural light, and any setting to create visually stunning photos that represent each woman completely.

Incorporating the strengths of each woman's presence, my talent for capturing the beauty and body of a female is only enhanced through her organically soft and earthy style that goes into a bold mixture as the wardrobe changes.

Veering from plain and common, I can capture candid and posed set-ups with elegance and fierceness all at the same time. I truly pride myself in giving life to the photos that symbolize the true beauty of each female and the journey she has created for herself and the path she will head toward.

I have the creative professionalism that is necessary to put every client at ease, to bring out the raw natural beauty that is relaxed, bold and beautiful and completely their own. This comes with my over ten years of photographing the female body through glamour photography, boudoir photography and fine-art photography.

Regardless of accolades, I remain true to the initial reason I was drawn to photography: My passion for showing females how truly gorgeous they are inside and out. Book A Session Today.

Other Thoughts

REVERENT: feeling or showing deep and solemn respect.

Your body, heart and mind are beautiful things. As a photographer I strive to capture the true nature of these at this moment in time through boudoir.

The way your hair falls, or fingertips caress your neck, these are all images that are small characteristics that make up your beauty. This is Boudoir Fine Art Photography

Photographing beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities has been my passion for over six years. I have learned to respect the female body on so many levels through this journey.

Why Choose Boudoir? Many decide on boudoir to celebrate a special time in their life, an achievement or simply to just to capture their beauty at this time in their life.

I am honored and grateful you have taken the time to consider this as a gift for YOU, most importantly.

Photo by:Tim Waters

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