Valentines boudoir downtown Austin on white fur rug

Valentines boudoir downtown Austin on white fur rug

Texture is one of my favorite things to work with during a boudoir session. Wether it is fur, lace or satin and silk it can make or break the image. Finding what is right for the client and directing them to the perfect pose is one thing, but making sure that texture flows well is another.

Alex wanted a subdued classic look for her gorgeous Valentines session. Light tones of makeup, a smokey eyeshadow and a beautiful velvet green one piece was a pure show stopper.

Placing her on the white fur rug and fanning her beautiful locks out gave us the perfect capture. I love this image because it is so innocent, but yet her hand placement leads you to think something else. The fur rug was just perfect as it was bunched in the corner to give it that messy look. This image also reminds me of queen of the forest and is natural and innocent, but oh so much more.

With all my images I love to give the client the beauty of the capture, but also a story. Her hands are perfectly placed as if welcoming and her hair tossed in such a way as to say let's have some fun.

Location: Austin Texas.

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