bathtub boudoir

bathtub boudoir

In Austin, Texas during the Summer it gets anywhere between high 90's to the 100's in temperature. During this boudoir session we wanted to heat things up a bit by taking it to the next level. This wooden outdoor bathtub was the perfect location for this shot. We filled the tub up and let this Betty have some fun. I love to find creative spaces that are sexy and fun all at the same time. That is what a boudoir session is all about. Letting the client explore her sexuality and capture the natural beauty of it all.

I love the angle I captured this image at because you see motion through the water filling the bathtub. The Betty is carefully above the water as well as in the water and her hand is placed on the tub. I had her look back to draw attention to her side and accent her round booty by popping it a bit out of the tub.

The tones are warmer than usual on the edit to give it the since of warmth. We put her hair up in a messy bun with locks of hair falling down gradually as she splashed around having so much fun.

Location: Austin, Texas.

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