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Welcome to Betty Blue Boudoir, the best Austin Boudoir Photographer with over 13 years of experience photographing women. We create a comfortable space for all types of women to showcase their beauty in a boutique-style boudoir photography experience. Amy Lynn Scarborough defines her style as reverent and empowering. She creates the atmosphere to show each woman just how beautiful she is and captures images of them in their most confident moments.

Boudoir Photos for The Confident Woman

Boudoir photography is typically for women and was primarily taken in their bedroom. Boudoir means bedroom in French and that’s where the photography style originated. Women are no longer having their boudoir sessions in just their bedrooms. These sessions are creative and can be taken wherever the women are comfortable.

While women have taken these photos for their husbands and spouses in the past, most women are now using these photos to boost their feeling of confidence and to help them feel comfortable in their own skin. Boudoir photoshoots create a different kind of confidence in a woman, one that gives her the courage to face the world boldly. Feeling beautiful while naked is such a mood booster that every woman loves.

What makes boudoir images so empowering? A woman’s body should be her safest place. Creating images and memories where her body is being captured in the best lighting and angles can help her to fall in love with her body all over again. Boudoir pictures or erotic photography have helped women embrace their womanhood for centuries and we want to help you to love your body again.

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Boudoir Photo Ideas | Style and Light

At Betty Blue Boudoir, we want to make each session as unique as possible and truly cater to each woman. Whether it is for a celebration, anniversary, or engagement, no session is exactly the same. Our creative boudoir sessions ensure that your photos are as unique as you are.

Whether you are into a moody vibe or a lighter atmosphere, we have the knowledge and experience to cater to your needs so that your end product is exactly what you have envisioned. Our boudoir shoots focus on the style and vision you have in mind and we create the scene from there. We not only realize your vision but create and execute it in the most professional way.

The Style of An Amazing Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photography is fairly close up, showing mostly the client's face and chest area. Feminine elements of a luxurious bedroom or scenery are sometimes added in with props to add more glamour and sensuality. You can take your pictures in your bedroom, bathroom, or any room in your home. We have a lot of clients who choose to take their photos outdoors and use props such as cars as well.

The important thing to remember is that you are in control of everything. Amy is just there to help you show your best self and capture your magic.

Boudoir Wardrobe and Consultation

What should you wear for your photoshoot? You can wear whatever you want. Nude photography can also be classy and stylish when you choose Betty Blue Boudoir as your photographer of choice. With any session booked, we truly try and capture the vision and style of the client.

Whether moody and dark or light and airy, we have experience in leading you in the right direction with your wardrobe and provide consultation to answer any of your questions.

Things we provide guidance on:

  • Boudoir poses

  • Hair and makeup

  • Plus-sized boudoir style

  • Outfit choices

Contact me for more information.

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